EMCS International Limited are very pleased to announce their appointment as UK Agent for POLYFLAKE EUROPE BV

Polyflake offer a range of products and applications for extending the lifespan of any type of vessel or offshore structure (New Build or Existing) including:

1. PolyFlake – An extremely Hard Inert Anti-Corrosion Coating, protecting any type of surface (steel/alloys etc.) and any other material that can see corrosion/erosion by seawater or any other substances. The best performing Corrosion-Protection System and suitable anywhere on your vessel as well as for equipment and machinery.

2. PolyTube – is a Pipe-Lining System with a durability lifespan of 25 years. Extremely suitable for all pipe applications / systems. PolyTube is highly acidic and chemical resistant as well as heat resistant up to 300 degree Celsius. The first applications have been in operation since 1987 without interruptions or technical downtime.

3. PolyGlide – Anti Marine Growth Technology – PolyGlide is a revolutionary NEW and fully Inert Hardcoat Technology. Non-Toxic as well as an environmentally friendly anti-marine growth system – able to protect the vessel for its lifetime.

PolyFlake operates globally with service stations and workshops on several continents.

For any enquiries or questions on the products offered please contact EMCS (Richard George +447624492716 / enquiries@emcs.co.im) or for Polyflake (Thomas Wittlin +31 657 781130 / t.wittlin@polyflake.eu)

For more information visit the following websites – www.emcs.co.im or www.polyflake.eu