Quality Management


EMCS International Limited is committed to maintaining a high level of quality and strong customer service within an environment that places safety as a first priority. We are focused on our customers, and we foster an environment that promotes continual improvement.

EMCS have adopted a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO, ISM, MLC2006 and Maritime Law.

For the purposes of our Quality Management System, EMCS scope of business is:

  1. Supply of labour for vessel-based repairs & maintenance
  2. Supply of labour for shore-based repairs & maintenance
  3. Provision of marine consultancy services
  4. Provision of vessel inspection services
  5. Management of the Ship’s Superintendent’s Training Course

EMCS have a Quality Management Manual in place which is drafted and updated according to the EMCS QMS and is available on request.

We are also very pleased to confirm that, as of August 2017 we hold ISO9001:2015 Certification issued by World Certification Services according to the above mentioned scope of business.

Please click on the following link to see EMCS Quality Management Policy